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Solar Water Heater

 Solar Water Heater is an environmentally friendly device to absorb free renewable solar energy to produce hot water economically reducing use of conventional energy, such as electricity, fuel as by 80%. The Solar Hot Water system produces hot water of 60°C to 85°C depending upon the season, location, solar intensity and number of solar radiation collector panels.
Sun Works Nepal manufactured Solar Water Heaters are standard models designed to ensure high degree performance and flexibility for extension according to the service needs. The technology is based on thermo‐siphon system with no moving parts hence Sun Works Nepal uses best quality materials for the fabrication of its product to assure outstanding performance of the solar equipment under rigorous conditions. All the components are galvanized ensuring no corrosion. The products are therefore reliable, non‐polluting and virtually maintenance free. The products manufactured by the company are accompanied by two years guarantee for defect in materials or workmanship. The estimated Pay‐Back Period of Solar Hot Water System is 2to 4 years depending upon the usage pattern and the ever increasing power costs. Solar Collectors Sun Works Nepal specializes in manufacturing/supply of three different types of Solar Collector.
i. Aluminium Fin Solar Collectors
These are the conventional type of system which is in manufacturing practice since the beginning of Solar Thermal industry in Nepal. This type of collector consists of GI pipe wrapped around by Aluminum fin. Sun Works Nepal uses special expansion clip to attach Aluminium fin with the GI pie (Risers). The exposed surface of solar collectors is painted flat black. The efficiency of this type of collectors is around 45%.
Collector Specification
‐ Area 1.75 m2
‐ Glazing: Normal/Toughened Glass
‐ Cover: GI Sheet
‐ Insulation: Fiberglass
‐ Absorber: Aluminium Fin
‐ Riser and Header: GI Pipe
‐ Coating: Flat Black paint
‐ Assembly accessories: GI Fittings
ii. Copper Fin Solar Collector with Nickel Chrome Selective Coating
These are high efficient Solar Collectors with copper fins as absorber. The copper fins are ultra‐sonically welded to the copper risers which guarantees 100% contact. The exposed surface of the collector is applied with selective coating i.e., Nickel Chrome coating. This selective coating can absorb as much as 96% of solar energy falling on it while emitting about 12% only.
Collector Specification
‐ Area 2 m2 or 1.75 m2
‐ Glazing: Normal/Toughened Glass
‐ Cover: GI Sheet/Aluminium Section
‐ Insulation: Al laminated Fiberglass
‐ Absorber: Copper Fin
‐ Riser and Header: Copper Tube
‐ Coating: Nickel Chrome Coating
‐ Assembly accessories: Brass Fittings
iii. Copper Fin Solar Collector with Blue Sputtering
These are the latest type of coating available in international market. It is also a high efficient solar collector with copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper risers. The selective coating which is popularly known as ‘Tinox’ has high absorbtivity and low emissivity.
Collector Specification
‐ Area 2 m2
‐ Glazing: Low Iron/Toughened Glass
‐ Cover: Aluminum Section/Bronze
‐ Insulation: Resin Bonded Rockwool
‐ Absorber: Copper Fin
‐ Riser and Header: Copper Tube
‐ Coating: Blue Sputtering

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